With dozens of options for quality drug detox in the county, it can be hard to find the right Los Angeles detox facility for yourself or a loved one. There are standalone detox centers, inpatient addiction treatment centers with detox services, and medical facilities or hospitals that offer programs for detoxification. Depending on the drug or substance of abuse, a person going through withdrawals may require sub-acute detox, hospitalization, or just to be in a safe environment while the drugs clear from the body.

Why is Detox Necessary?

People sometimes think they can get sober on their own. This may be true for some individuals, but many people benefit greatly from the help that a detox and rehabilitation facility offer. If you’re detoxing from a benzodiazepine or alcohol, it’s imperative that you seek professional help. Withdrawal from these substances can be fatal if not managed correctly. Furthermore, the detox process from many substance such as opioids, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana can cause quite a bit of discomfort both physically and mentally. From anxiety and sleepiness to fever and cold sweats, the symptoms of detox vary from drug to drug and person to person. At a detox in Los Angeles, you can find the most comfortable process available through high-quality medical and therapeutic care. Getting the drugs out of your system the right way is a wonderful first step toward a lasting recovery.

Best Los Angeles Detox Facilities

These are a few of our favorite opportunities for quality detox. Some are specifically detox centers, while others are rehabs that also offer detox services. All are in Southern California in the LA area!
Detox Los Angeles

Changing Tides Treatment

Changing Tides is a full-service addiction treatment center offering all levels of care from detox through residential treatment and into sober living and outpatient. Although it’s located just north of LA, we had to include it because of our love of this facility, the people that run it, and the wonderful program they run.


Los Angeles DetoxElevation Behavioral Health

Another full-service treatment center, Elevation Behavioral Health has one of our favorite programs out there. They offer quite a few holistic options, and are licensed as both a mental health facility and substance abuse treatment facility. Their detox leads into a top-tier addiction recovery program that is sure to offer you a serious opportunity at building a healthy sober life.



Authentic Recovery Center LAAuthentic Recovery Center

Authentic Recovery Center (known around Southern California as “ARC”) is a treatment center offering some of the best detox options around. Their program is well-respected across the community, and ARC is one of the most popular recovery destinations in all of LA.


Revive RecoveryRevive Detox

Perhaps the name says it all here. Revive is first and foremost a detox facility for those who need help getting sober. As a facility that focuses primarily on detoxification, Revive really has put a lot of energy into creating a program that best serves each and every person that comes through their doors seeking recovery.

These are a few of our favorite options for detoxification in LA and Southern California. Please note that Your Sober Solutions is not affiliated with any of these organizations. If there’s a detox in Los Angeles that you think should be up here on our list, just email us at Info@YourSoberSolutions.com and let us know! We’re always happy to take a look at new facilities or hear about a facility with which we’re not familiar. It’s our hope to provide recommendations that best serve those seeking recovery from the vicious cycle of drug addiction and alcoholism.